How To Always Win When Playing The Lottery

How to Play lottery to Always Win – In what is called a gambling or gambling game, tips and guidelines are needed when playing, especially for online lottery gambling games that are being discussed by many people today.

What is certain is that the tips and guidelines needed to play online lottery gambling games are how to determine the exact numbers that you will play later at online lottery websites.

In addition to that, of course, to avoid defeat that no player wants, if you are among those who are looking for luck or who are looking for ways or tips in playing lottery gambling online, you are already in the right place.

In the following, we will discuss some tips and guides on how to play the lottery so that you always win, which you might be able to serve as a guide when playing in online lottery gambling. If you want to try your luck today, please use the guidelines and tips that we will explain below. Here are the guidelines and tips as follows.

Tips and tricks on how to play the lottery to always win

Tips and tricks on how to play the lottery to always win

Group from high to low

Take all the numbers that come out in sections 00-99, then cut them into 2 parts so that after you divide them into 2 now we have 2 groups of SGP data numbers, namely half low {00-49} and half high {50-99}.

Group into 2 even and odd parts.

If you currently have 12 choice numbers, try to choose a combination of 8/4, 4/8, or 6/6 from the even and odd parts, namely 4 numbers from the even part and 8 numbers from the odd part, or vice versa.

Group according to the Chinese zodiac

In the numbers according to the zodiac group there are divided into 3 parts, namely:

  • First group: Shio
  • Second group: Shio 2,5,8,11
  • Third group: Shio 1,4,7,10
    The function of these zodiac groups is to reduce the number of options you have chosen.

Group into a quantity

If you already have 12 numbers for you to play with, try to make the sum of the 12 numbers you choose between 377 to 868. because this number is 75% of the lottery numbers that will come out today.

Tips When Betting Lottery Numbers

  1. Play for the 2D market with a number of numbers 00-99.
  2. You have to do 75 betting numbers in one turn and discard the 25 dead numbers.
  3. So how much capital do we have to spend in that 1 round? Suppose you buy in multiplication of 1 a total of all 75 numbers will be multiplied for 710 after deducting the discount to = 53,250. that’s the capital that you have to spend for one turn, if one of the numbers breaks, then your winnings will be paid in the amount of 70,000 and your capital will be deducted 53,250 = 16,750 your winnings.
  4. That means that for one win you will get 16,750, try playing in 10 rounds ?? isn’t the result more satisfying.
  5. Then what if you experience defeat ?? that is why you had to be very clever in choosing and screwing the numbers that you will install later.

Those are some tips and tricks that I can explain for those of you who want to try playing in online lottery gambling games.

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How To Always Win When Playing The Lottery