Goals & Objectives

  • To attract new audiences to experience the sport of volleyball.
  • To educate the population of Trinidad and Tobago about the game of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball as a recreational, high performance and competitive sport with great opportunities.
  • To establish a positive relationship with all media houses in order fro extensive coverage of the sport.
  • To make Volleyball one of the top sports in Trinidad and Tobago by 2016.
  • To create opportunities to develop athletes within the sport of volleyball at all levels.
  • To provide quality volleyball programs at all levels.
  • To aid in coaching education, certification and qualification within the sport of volleyball.
  • To continually engage in resource growth and development.
  • To be the sole governing body for the sport of volleyball within Trinidad and Tobago.
  • To become a self sustainable sporting organization operating within Trinidad and Tobago for the sport of volleyball.
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