One of the games in a casino sbobet agents site that has similarities to the lottery (lotto) game. The game by guessing the numbers chosen by the players has its own pleasure for casino players. Without bothering to think about the game strategy, all they need is to choose the number they want to make sure they win the prize bet.

Behind the winners obtained by the players in the keno game they must know how to play at sbobet agents site , if we don’t know how to play, surely we will not be able to get prize bets, therefore, our goal now is for both. we know how to play the Keno game.

The way this game works is to guess the numbers that will be drawn. In 1 set of balls drawn randomly, 20 balls will be selected. Players who participate in the game will guess the number and mark it on the keno ticket owned by the player.

How to Play Keno at Sbobet Agents Site

Know that keno game has rules that are not the same between casinos and other casinos, therefore, before playing, learn first the rules made by each casino. Here’s how to basically play keno sbobet agents site:

  • Buy tickets for keno games
    Players are required to buy keno tickets to play, if players do not buy tickets or bring tickets from other casinos, players cannot participate in the ongoing game. Tickets purchased have numbers from 1 to 80, on the ticket the player will mark the selected number. For tickets that have 80 numbers arranged in 8 rows and 10 columns.
  • Select the number on the keno ticket
    Players choose 10 numbers on a keno ticket, the choice of numbers may be different if the ticket purchased has a choice of 20 numbers. The choice of numbers is in accordance with the wishes of random choice players or numbers that make players feel lucky. The numbers chosen by the players will match the numbers that will be drawn later.
  • Make bets in keno game
    Players who have chosen numbers according to keno entries will place the minimum or maximum bets that the player wants. For players who dial numbers on the lottery ball that comes out, players will receive a fee according to the prize multiplied as indicated in the casino rules.
  • Determine keno ticket income
    After the player chooses and determines the desired number of options, it’s time for the player to pay attention to the announcement of the number drawn to get the winning prize. Before the player matches the selected number with the drawn number, the player must provide a copy of the ticket to the keno game employee so the player can then match the player ticket property with the keno game employee.
  • The drawing is done by taking 20 random balls, ensuring that the player must pay attention to the announcement of the numbers when the draw and the player must correctly mark the numbers that appear with the same lottery numbers.
  • Gift Collection
    For players who believe that the choice chosen by the player is the same as the number drawn, the player can search for employees from the keno game to redeem rewards that match the player’s similarity and bet.

Very easy game, players only buy tickets, choose numbers, make bets, and wait for announcements to get the numbers that come out and win prizes. This game also doesn’t cost as much as other casino games. 3M (easy, small and satisfying capital) who doesn’t want it, likes to play.

How to Play Keno at Sbobet Agents Site